Диалог 14


— When is your recertification appointment?
— I am applying for the first time
— Fill out the application and have a seat
— Who is next?
— How much rent do you pay?
— Do you have your bills?
— Do you have a bank account?
— Savings or checking account?
— Do you have proof of your income?
— Can I see your son’s birth certificate?
— Who is your case-¬worker?
— What is your case-number?
— Do you live alone?
— No, I live with my husband
— I need proof of your address
— You will receive a letter by mail
— It will take from 4 to 6 weeks to proccess your application
— But I need medical help immediately
— May be I can get a temporary card now?
— Can I see a manager?
— May be you can help me.
— I can’t wait that long
— I received the letter saying that my application was not accepted. I think it is a mistake
— You have to apply for a fair hearing
— I am calling about Mr.Klebanov, his case number is 231311
— They said I would receive a letter in 4 to 6 weeks. 6 weeks have passed already -1 haven’t received anything. Can you check it, please?
— Who is your case-worker?
— Hold on, let me check
— It looks like they have closed your case
— This must be a mistake
— You can apply for a fair hearing
— Оr reapply
— You didn’t bring all the necessary documents, that’s why they closed your case

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