Диалог 23 (матрица 2)


Hey, Archie, how’s the business going out here?


Hey, man, not so bad.


I just discovered my son’s talent yesterday.


What do you mean?


His musical talent?


Sure. He’s cool, man.


I real have a real partner.


How that?


I didn’t know that your kid has learned to play an instrument?!


He hasn’t.


But yesterday, just when I had unpacked my instrument, I had to go back to the car.


Benny was playing and the radio was on.


When I came back from back the car I couldn’t believe my eyes.


He had taken my saxophone and was pretending to play the music he heard on the radio.


And, had he made any money?


The people had already left about 30 bucks in his little hat.


And there was still a crowd standing around him.


After I had collected the money I joined him.


After we’d played for an hour we had enough money for the whole week.


From rags to riches, huh?!


You never know!

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