Диалог 14 (матрица 2)


Are you sure you want to go in there?


Yes. Besides, I have heard that they have a souvenir store in there.


And I’ve always dreamt of a genuine alligator leather purse.



But you know that I’m not particularly fond of reptiles.


Oh, don’t be coward! They’re behind fences anyway!


All right. Somebody has to take the pictures anyway…


Wow! This one looks like it has just swallowed a cow.



Have you already taken a picture of him?


Sure. I’ve never seen one that fat! They’ve probably just had their lunch.


Look. This one hasn’t had lunch yet.


I’ve never been that glad to be behind a fence in my whole life!


Oh my God! Look at that! Have you ever seen that many alligators in one spot?


I’m glad I don’t have to walk through there. Looks like hell to me.


They’re huge. They must be very old.


I’ve heard that an alligator grows only one inch per year.



That means that these boys are not babies any more!


Are you ready to go the souvenir store now?


Now that I’ve seen how long it takes an alligator to grow…


… I don’t think I still want an alligator leather purse.

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