Диалог 2 (матрица 2)


Everything in Tombstone is calm and quiet.


Only on Main Street there are voices…


Wyatt, where are you?


I know that you’re here!


Who are you? And what do you want?


You know me. And you know my friends.


He thinks he’s clever.


Where do you come from? And what’s your name?


My name is Ike Clanton.


And I come from the town of Silverstone. Does that ring a bell?


Outlaws are not welcome in our town.


And my men and I protect the people of Tombstone.


Get the hell out of here!


Why is your arm in your jacket? Better watch out!


I hope you can see my gun!


I tell people only once that they’re not welcome here.


Are you ready, doc?




Here is what you want!


Are you satisfied now?

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