Диалог 9


A:            Hello? This is Tiffany.

B:            Hello. Can I speak to your father, please?

A:            No.

B:            Can I speak to your mother, then?

A:            Nope!

B:            How old are you, Tiffany?

A:            I’m four.

B:             Is there anyone else there?

A:            Yes. A policewoman.

B:             Really? What’s she doing?

A:            She’s talking to Mummy and Daddy… and to the firefighters.

B:             The firefighters?

A:             Yes. There are lots and lots of policemen and policewomen,

                 and lots and lots of firefighters. And a big, red fire engine!

B:             Oh, dear. What are you doing now, Tiffany?

A:             I’m hiding under the bed in Mummy and Daddy’s room.

B:             What’s that noise?

A:             It’s a police helicopter. It’s landing in the garden.

B:             Why are they all there? What’s happening?

A:             They’re all looking for me!

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