Диалог 26 (матрица 2)


This beautiful old Victorian house is for sale. At the moment a couple is looking at the house. Maybe they will buy it.


This house was built in 1875 in the Victorian style. Many houses like this can be seen all over New Orleans and especially in the Garden District.


Yes, it is very nice. I really like the big windows and the fancy wooden door!


This house is considered to be the oldest in the neighborhood, and it is one of my favorites. We’re really lucky it is for sale.


Why would anyone sell such a beautiful old house?


I am told that the landlady does not have any family. The extra rooms are rented to students. But now she is too old to do much housework, and she wants to lead a quiet life.


The neighbor said that the students don’t help at all in the household. The laundry is piling up in the hallway, dishes are left in the sink and the floor is never swept.


I don’t mind a little dust, as long as the house is kept in good condition. Does the house have a garage and a basement?


It is hard to see the garage from here, but it is behind the porch, next to the stairs over there. I understand that the basement was converted into another bedroom.


Oh great, so that room could be rented out too! Shall we take a closer look?


This doesn’t look good here! What are these holes in the wood made by? I hope the house is not being eaten by termites?


No, I was assured that there are no termites, but the house does need to be worked on. As I said, the landlady is very old now and she doesn’t have any help.


Yes, I can see that the house hasn’t been worked on for years. This house could really use a fresh coat of paint!


Even though the wood here on the porch is in bad shape and the house needs to be painted, the walls and windows seem to be in good shape.


I love these old crystal windows! You don’t see them very often these days.


And they just need to be washed. The walls need to be painted too. I think the house needs a lot of work, but most of that can be done by us on the weekends.


I really like the big balcony too! Just imagine having a nice Sunday brunch up there.


I could spend the whole day up there relaxing and reading a book! But first, a lot of work must be done.


And in the winter we can sit by the fireplace. Do you see the chimney up there on the roof? I’m sure it just needs to be swept, then it will be in perfect shape.

The rooms get a lot of sun. I can’t imagine that they need to be heated much. Do the rooms upstairs have a fireplace too?


The master bedroom upstairs has a fireplace, but the other rooms don’t.


What do you think? I really like this house a lot, even though it needs to be worked on.


Yes, but can we do all that work? We hardly have any free time.


I think it can be done! I really love this place too… why don’t we make an offer?


Yes. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!!!

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