Диалог 15


— I am looking for a good employment agency
— What kind of job are you looking for?
— Do you work full-time?
— I work from 9 to 5
— What are your working hours?
— I am a free-lance photographer. My working hours change from day to day
— I work full-time, sometimes even overtime
— Are you happy with your salary?
— They pay the minimum
— Yes, they pay well
— How many hours overtime do you usually work?
— Altogether I usually have from 10 to 17 hours overtime
— I wonder how can you handle it?
— I am expecting a raise. And my wife is expecting a child.
— Oh, I see
— I make 50 thousand dollars a year
— Do you make a lot of money?
— Does he make a good living?
— She earns a good living?
— I don’t make shit
— I can do any kind of job
— When can you start working?
— Tomorrow
— In two days
— Next week
— In two weeks
— We pay 5 dollars an hour
— This is Mr. Gonzales, he will be your manager
— And this is Mr. Putatis, he is the owner of our company
— Nice to meet you!
— How do you get along with your manager?
— We have a warm friendship
— Do you like your co-workers?
— They are nice guys
— I am sick and tired of working for somebody else
— I am going to open up my own store
— Well, good luck!
— I am going to hire two people
— Who is hiring?
— We are not hiring right now
— How big is your company?
— Where is it located?
— She is a piano player. She is very successful
— Are you tired?
— You can go to lunch
— You are late again!
— There will be no more warnings, one more time you are late — that’s it
— You are fired
— Will we receive any bonuses?
— Would you like to go on a business trip?
— For how long?
— It’s up to you. For a week or two
— Where?
— You have to get a uniform by tomorrow
— by Friday
— We make money on tips
— I make 300 dollars a week
— Before taxes or after?
— Gross
— I have 10 years of experience
— I like to work with people
— I hate my boss
— You simply envy him
— It’s not true

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