Диалог 16


Her eyes are blue like the sea
Your eyes are so deep
She has a silly look
She has full sensuous lips
Her face is round
— square
— oval
She has a long beautiful neck
I caressed her juvenile breasts (Nabokov)
She has the thinnest waist in the world
And her body is slim altogether
How do you keep so slim?
She is fat and ugly
There was a watch on his hairy muscular wrist
She looks so childish
She acts arrogant
I like to lay my head on his hairy chest
His huge feet remind me of a monkey’s
Where did you get your sun tan?
Her finger nails are well groomed and painted in bright red
She has a strong attractive body
She is not fat, just pleasantly plump
Long shapely legs are a big asset now
Inner beauty is more important than physical beauty
His face looks angry all the time
She has a mole on her cheek
She has a noble look
Her features are those of the beauties on classical paintings
Her eyelashes are so long and thick, her eyes seem darker because of it
Не took after his father
They look alike
She attracts men like honey attracts bees
Не is always so elegant, he dresses in the latest fashions
She wears tasteful make-up
She has no taste at all, she wears expensive jewelry with sporty clothes
Only his appearance is brave
The innocent look of her face drives me mad
She looks like a Hollywood star. She has long legs, wears a fur-coat, dark eye-glasses and has long silky beautiful blond hair
What are you going to wear tonight?
Where did you get your hair cut?
It’s very stylish
She is not my type
Не is so sloppy, such men don’t turn me on
I am getting old
Her breasts were firm and round. It looked as if they would never lose their firmness
She lost her beauty: her face got wrinkled, her skin became sluggish and acquired some grayish shade
She is a walking fright
She was missing some teeth
She has a heavy walk
I can recognize her by her walk
She has dark circles under her eyes
What can I do about my undereye bags?
He is growing a beard
You lost weight
You gained some weight
She grew even taller
She is so short and tiny
Your haircut gives you a cheap look
Her features are so delicate
She has the manners of a high-society girl
He is ill-mannered
Не is so tactful
Не is so unique
You are one of a kind
I am genetically predisposed to be fat, I take after my father
Her charm is irresistible
She has a pure look
She has a whorish look
She has proud posture, walks like a Queen and is full of arrogance
Не was short, broad-shouldered, and had a beard

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