Диалог 3 (матрица 2)


Elvira, dear, this is our new car!


Oh, come on, these cars are not that bad.


This isn’t a race car.


But it’s also not expensive.


You’re right. But still my Corvette…


Your Corvette is not here.


Nobody here has a Corvette.


But this is also not Indianapolis. This is Sun City.


And we’re senior citizens now. This car is just fine for here and for us.


At least, it’s a convertible.


You’re right, you’re right!


The car is cheap, it’s also safe and I just love it!


Who are our neighbours?


Their names are Betty and Fred. They’re from Rhode Island.


It’s their first year in Arizona.


What are their jobs here?


Betty is a singer in the church choir.


And her sister is the flute player.


And Fred… oh, yes, his job is gardening.


Oh, that’s fun! You know, Sun City is a great community.


Our house is nice and also our swimming pool.


Ahd we’re together and we’re healthy…


Yes, and I’m a race car driver! Where’s the freeway?


Now I know what that sign means!

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