Диалог 25 (матрица 2)


This is the building I had been trying to buy for years before they told me it was sold.


I had already planned the renovation and reconstruction works in detail.


And then the city sold it to somebody else.


The architect who is doing the work now is not even from the Second City.


It’s not fair.


Why don’t they give a young architect a chance?


Do you think you can get another building here in the Loop?


It’s not easy for a young and fairly unknown architect.


Once you’ve done one building it isn’t a problem any more.


But before that they distrust you.


What are you going to do now?


I don’t know.


There are several other projects I’m interested in.


Once I’ve finished the project I’m doing now, I’ll send out applications.


I hope I’ll get a job although there aren’t many jobs available.


Yeah. It’s not easy.


I hope you’ll find an interesting job.


I might have to create my own job.


Don’t you think that that building over there needs some renewal?!

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