Диалог 20


— When you were younger, how did you use to

spend the summer holiday?

— We always spent out summer holiday as a family

and every year we went to the same place — a

small seaside town on the north coast of Spain

called Laredo. Do you know it?

— No, I don’t.

— Well, everyone there could speak English so there

wasn’t really any need for us to speak Spanish,

but my father insisted on speaking it at every

opportunity. The awful thing was that no one

could understand him because he used to invent

words — add an ‘a’ or an ‘o’ to an English word

and think that that made it Spanish. Anyway,

when we were first there, it didn’t use to bother

me because I didn’t speak Spanish myself at that

time. But then I started learning it at school and I

realized just how bad his Spanish was.

— A bit embarrassing, yeah?

— Yeah, it was. We used to eat out a lot and I

hated that because I was sure that all the waiters

and other people in the restaurant were laughing

at him. And I remember on one occasion he said

something extremely rude and he didn’t even

realize. It was so embarrassing.

— I can imagine.

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