Диалог 16 (матрица 2)


Larry, do you think Susan is ready for take-off?


I don’t know. She’s on the rear deck. Just a minute.


Hey, Sue, have you checked out the fishing equipment?


I believe I don’t need to tell you that I don’t know much about fishing.


And I’m afraid I’ve completely messed up this stuff.


Doesn’t matter. That’s what we are here for.


Let me fix this.


Do you want to stay out on the water long today?


I want to stay out there longer than the last time.


At least long enough to catch a blue marlin or a tuna.



The earlier we get out there the better.


This time we’ve prepared the equipment more carefully than the last time.


I hope that fish doesn’t get away again.


What can I do to help you?


You can bring us beer and put sun lotion on our backs.



Is that all?


I don’t intend to be your personal servant all day.



I prefer to do some “real” work.


There’s another fishing pole for you.


You can try to catch a fish yourself.


Once the fish is on the hook, you can start to reel in the line very slowly.


No, no, not that fast!


You have to do it a lot more slowly.


Otherwise the fish starts to fight.


And then they sometimes get off the hook.


Yes, that’s much better. You’re in for a big one.


Sure, man. I want to catch Moby Dick.

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