Диалог 11 (матрица 2)


Hey, watch out! Don’t crash into me!


Why do you think I am going to crash? You skateboarders are all the same!


Oh yeah? Well, at least I don’t need to wear gloves anymore!


My mom made me wear the gloves, and she bought me this shirt too.


Yeah? My mom told me what to wear this morning too, but I just waited for her to leave and then got dressed.


Did she let you try on the clothes she bought them? Last week my mom came home with these terrible wool pants that I hated.


Ha-ha! That’s really funny! I bet you looked great! So what’s your name anyway?


My name’s Suzy. What’s yours?


I’m Brad!


Are you new here?


Well, not really. My mom just doesn’t let me go skateboarding much. She doesn’t like the clothes I wear. She acts like she is with the fashion police sometimes.


Most of the time, I have to wear a suit and tie when I go to school.


Wow! You wear a suit and tie to school? I bet you look really silly!


What about you? Do you wear a skirt and blouse?


No, my mom lets me wear what I want. Usually I only wear jeans and T-shirt. She is just worried about me because in-line skating is a little dangerous.


And she likes to buy clothes on sale. I told you, she brought home some really ugly things!


Where does she go shopping, anyway?


Well, sometimes we go to nice department stores, but usually we go where clothes are really cheap!


I think it is nice to wear fashionable clothes that you like! We always go shopping at the most expensive shops in town!


Clothes shopping with my mom means, you just take whatever fits.


Hey, my mom is going to be really mad if you crash into me and I get a hole in my pants!


I told you, I am not going to crash into you. You just watch out yourself! Skateboarders are really all alike!

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