Диалог 31 (матрица 2)


If we stayed in San Francisco, I’d be so much happier.


I love it here.


I do too. I could imagine staying here forever, if my job were more interesting.


But if I took the job in Boston, I would earn twice as much as I do now.


I know. And the cost of living there is lower too.


Could you be happy in a new city without a job?




If you got a job in Boston, would you consider moving?


Would you think about it?


I have worked hard at my company. I don’t see it as a job. It’s my profession, and you know I take it seriously.


So you wouldn’t leave even if you had a job in Boston?


I have told you before that I like my job, and don’t see why we have to move across the country. Can’t you find a new job here?


If you had a better job here, we wouldn’t have to move.


If I had a better job here, I would also be a lot happier.


I need to change jobs now. I can’t stay where I am any longer.


Shall I take the job in Boston, and then keep looking for another position here?


No. Can’t you find a job here that’s in middle management?


It will be easier to find a new job in San Francisco if you stay here.


That way we can both stay in the city we love.

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