Диалог 6


— How’s it going in France, Gina? We didn’t do too well there last


— Yes. Our results were terrible. We tried to build up market share but

it just didn’t happen. We just managed to hold on to what we had.

— What exactly was the problem?

— Unfortunately, our agent let us down. We thought we could count on

him to boost sales but he had no commitment, no motivation.

— Well, I suppose you terminated his contract then.

— Yes, there was no way we could renew it. We sounded out a few

possible replacements and found someone else. We get on really


— Good. Let’s hope he’ll be better than the last one.

— He should be. He’s got a very good track record. We’d set up a

meeting on Friday, but he had to call it off — something came up.

— Well, I hope you get a result. I must be going. I’ve got to draw up an

agency agreement myself; I’ve put it off far too long already.

— All the best. Speak to you soon.

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