Диалог 3


— I have been in New York since 1981

— I have loved her since the winter

— Spring is in the air

— There are a lot of showers in the summer

— It was during a thunder-storm when we met

— After the rain was over, raindrops were glistening in the sun like little


— Sounds of thunder were rocking the earth

— I remember our long walks in the grove

— I like the forest in summer-time,at dawn. The air is sparkling fresh, birds

— are singing and you feel the dewy grass under your feet

— Our city is very green

— Leaves are falling

— It’s dark outside

— It’s raining outside

— It’s pouring outside

— It’s getting dark

— The ocean is sparkling in the sun

— The sand is burning my feet

— Is there a shady place around here?

— The sky is bright, not even a single cloud

— It’s a windy day

— The fog cleared-up

— The trees in our garden are blooming

— «No lakes, only puddles» (Nabokov)

— The earth is like a big pie, full of aroma

— When I work in the garden, the smell of the earth makes me drunk

— One of the dis­advantages of living in the big city — is polluted air

— I wipe off my window every morning and it still turns black with dust every


— There is an air of mystery in fields covered with snow

— Are you going to climb to the top of the mountain?

— Are you kidding?

— Insects will kill us in the forest at night-time

— Let’s go fishing

— I prefer hunting

— swimming

— mountain climbing

— I like hiking the best

— Are there any wild animals in this forest?

— Not really, there are a lot of rabbits and squirrels running around. I haven’t

— seen a single wolf, even though they say there are some here.

— I like to swim in the river in the moonlight

— There is not a single star in the sky


Even though big cities are polluted they are much more exciting

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