Диалог 24


I would like to make an appointment to see a dentist
— a GYN-doctor (a gynecologist)
— a physician
Which doctor would you like to see?
I am applying for the first time, can you recommend a good doctor to me?
Yes, sure. Doctor Smith is a good doctor. Would you like to see him?
What day can you come?
Wednesday is okay
We are all booked-up until Friday. The earliest you can see him — is on Saturday
Oh, no, I can’t wait that long. I am in pain. I have a toothache
In that case you have to call the emergency-room
Hi, I need to see the doctor immediately. It’s an emergency. I am in pain
What kind of insurance do you have?
I have a medicaid card
— Blue Cross,
— major medical
They don’t cover dentists
Then, I will pay cash
We need to take some X-rays
It looks like we need to do a root-canal
You have three more cavities on the left side. But those are small
All the other teeth are fine
Your gums are inflamed. You have to take care of your gingivitis
Do you want an injection?
No, thanks, I can handle it
Do you have an in¬jection without adre¬nalin? My heart can’t stand adrenalin
It hurts!
Almost done
Come back in six months for a check-up
Which way is the GYN clinic?
You have an inflammation
When did you have your last papsmear?
You have to examine your breasts regularly
What is your menstrual cycle?
I am bleeding, but it doesn’t look like menstrual blood
We need to do a colposcopy
— a biopsy
I am late with my period
Call back for the results of the tests
It is not cancer, relax
You have to see the physician first. He will recommend a cardiologist to you
I have heart problems
I feel sick all the time
Боюсь, что Вашей бабушке нужно делать операцию
Are you sure?
I am positive
Nothing serious!
She will be home the same day
Will you perform the surgery yourself?
My assistants and I
What kind of anesthesia are you going to use?
All the local anesthesias are safe
Be careful, she has high blood pressure
She suffers from arthritis
— allergys
She is allergic to penicillin
He is at risk for a heart-attack
He is not in danger any more
Is he going to live? Tell me the truth!
Oh, yes! For ages!
You think, it’s funny, huh?
Relax, everything is going to be fine

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