Диалог 10 (матрица 2)


Meg? What’s the matter with you?


Oh, nothing!


The last time when you denied that there was something wrong with you, you lied.


Well, to be honest: I just tripped.


So what?


Well, I stepped into a crate of tomatoes.


Is that all?


No, this morning I tried to drag a sack of tomatoes into the store.


You “dragged” a sack of potatoes into the store?


And what happened?


I didn’t tie the sack up and the potatoes rolled down the street.


You look like you want to tell me something else?!



Uh, I’m sorry, but I dropped the crate with the pumpkins this afternoon.


They’re all crushed.


So am I. I assume there was nothing left to sell?



At least we have enough pumpkin puree and smashed tomatoes for a pumpkin pie and a tomato soup.



We just don’t have any potatoes for dinner.


You’re such a great help!

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