Диалог 4


— Is a shopping center nearby?

— The apartment is on the 5th floor

— On the ground floor

— It’s a newly re¬novated apartment

— They replaced the sink, the bath tub, the kitchen cabinets

— Everything is brand new

— The super will finish painting it tomorrow

— When are you moving in?

— The refrigerator is broken

— All the bulbs are out of order

— We will bring in new furniture

— All we need to buy is a queen-size bed for the bedroom, some drawers, two night tables and a living-room set

— Where are you going to hang this mirror?

— Don’t break it, be careful!

— I need to buy some glasses

— Do you have nice curtains?

— No, but I have a very expensive handmade rug

— What about pillows, blankets and so on?

— I have plenty

— They have some problems with the heat

— The door lock is broken

— Open the window. Let’s have some fresh air

— The roof is leaking

— You make me sick to death with your complaints

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