Диалог 19 (матрица 2)


Oh, Kayla, do you have an idea what else I can do to reduce my weight?


What’s the matter?


You are trying to lose weight?


Yeah. I’m trying. But I haven’t been successful yet.


I’ve tried about everything in the last couple of weeks.


But it’s almost ineffective.


I just don’t lose any weight.


What have you tried out so far?


I’ve been running daily for months.


I’ve been going to the health club for two months now, and it shows no result.


And I’ve been dieting for weeks. It’s a pain.


And you haven’t had any hunger attacks?


Only a terrible craving for hot dogs.


But I haven’t eaten any junk food since that party at Silvia’s.


Have you been drinking enough water and have you been taking the necessary vitamins and minerals?


Sure. I can’t think of anything I haven’t done.


Maybe you’re not working out hard enough.


Do you know that you have to keep your heart rate above 120 for at least 20 minutes in order to burn fat?


Of course I know.


But I have the impression that I’ve been gaining weight instead of losing it since I’ve started my wellness program.



Well, then there’s only one other reason I can think of.


Are you sure you’re not pregnant?



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