Диалог 18 (матрица 2)


Was your screen test successful?


It was interesting but I don’t think it was successful.


They promised to call me.


What did you have to do?


When I arrived the secretary was collecting the resumes.


And the manager was handing out some forms for the applicants to fill in.


While the other girls were auditioning , I sat in the waiting room and went over my scene again.


Were you nervous?


Sure. It was terrible.


I sat there shaking like a leaf.


And when they finally called me in, my feet were feeling numb. It was awful.


How did they like your performance?


The performance? When I walked onto the stage, they were still talking about the last girl.


They let me wait for a couple of minutes.


Then they told me to dance to the music the pianist was playing.


Dance! It had nothing to do with my scene.


They just ignored my scene!


Oh, don’t despair. All famous stars had to go through some sort of disappointment at the beginning of their career.


Except for this guy here.


Maybe it helps to put our hands into his prints?

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