Диалог 6 (матрица 2)




May I help you?


Do you have parsley?


No, I’m sorry. I don’t have any parsley today.


Is the garlic fresh?


Of course. I can assure you that all of my fruits and vegetables are fresh.


The garlic is from New Mexico and it’s only $1.25 per pound today.


Good. I will have half a pound of garlic then.


Could you give me 4 or 5 large bulbs, please?




Is that spinach?




Where does it come from this time of the year?


It’s from Georgia. Would you like some?


Yes. One pound, please.


You can go ahead and choose your own.


Shall I give you a bag?




Would you hand me a bag, please?


Do you have any sweet apples?


These apples here are sweet.


Would you give me three pound, please?




How long they stay juicy?


You must not keep them in a warm place.


I can’t guarantee that they stay juicy then.


But in the refrigerator they should stay fresh a couple of weeks.


Good. I think that’s it for now.


That comes to $2.75.


Out of three… here’s a quarter as your change.


Thank you very much. Have a nice day!


Thank you. Bye-bye.

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