Диалог 35 (матрица 2)


What about your date last night?


How did it go?


Well, Meg had told me that she might not be able to come to the beach club.


But eventually, she did come.


Cool. Wow, that’s a big one!


And Sean missed it!


But tell me more about your date!


I asked her if she wanted to dance.


But she said she couldn’t because she had hurt her foot on the boogie board that morning.


So we just hung around and talked.


Look, Sam’s giving it another shot. Awesome!


And did you…?


Oh, no, I put away one drink after the other since she didn’t want to dance.


And when I asked her if she wanted to go somewhere else, she said she didn’t.


So I just kept drinking.


I guess you can imagine what happened.


I was pretty smashed after a couple of hours.


Oh, there are Andy and Mike.


Hey Andy, you look like you’ve had it, too.


Man, I’m starving. Can we go and get something to eat?


Good idea. We’re just waiting for Mike.


Hey, Chuckie, was a no show last night, was it?


No, she did come, but she fed up with me after a while, called me a jerk and told me to get lost.


But I had a great time anyway.


And there was that other girl…


There’s one. But what’s Sean doing?


That jerk lost his boogie board!


I told him to hold on tight to his board!


Let’s go!


Yeah, I could really use something to eat.


And Luke asked if we would meet him at Suzie’s at 5 o’clock, so we’d better get going.

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