Диалог 26


Are you going shopping?
On your way back would you drop in to the post-office and get some stamps?
What kind of stamps do you need?
You better send it as a registered letter, it will get there much faster
They don’t have express-mail service to Russia
Who said that? It’s not true!
Recently I mailed a parcel to my relatives. I used express-mail.
Okay, what else?
If you don’t mind, would you also stop by the gift-shop and buy a nice birthday-card, gift-wrap and a nice gift-ribbon
Yes, sure. Are you going to a birthday party?
No, I am arranging a party for my daugh¬ter, she is 15 today
Oh, I see. That’s why you want me to do such a huge shopping
Guess, what I am going to serve for desert?
Cake, of course!
No way! Cake is fattening
Then what?
I will sprinkle strawberries with sugar and gene¬rously top them with whipped cream
If you think that whipped cream is less fattening then a cake — you are wrong!
The hell with it, let them enjoy!
Oh, wait, I forgot to tell you -I need some beets, carrots, onions, potatos and cabbage. I am going to cook a Russian borsht
Do you need some bones?
No, the steak is enough, just get the lean pieces
Do you need anything from the liquor-store?
Oh, yes, I nearly forgot
Get a bottle of champagne and two bottles of red wine
Do you think it will be enough?
Absolutely. They are teenagers, I don’t want them to drink too much
What about some candies and cookies?
That’s a good idea!
You may buy a cake as well
I have a better idea!
Talk to me, baby, what is it?
Why don’t we buy fish instead of beef? Sturgeon, for example. A sturgeonshish-kebab! How’s that?
Forget it. It’s too expensive
What do you need for salads?
I need lettuce, celery, cucumbers and parsley for one salad. Eggplant and garlic for another. And I guess — that’s enough
Are you going to broil the steak?
No, I will fry it
They like heavy food
Spicy food as well
Then they must like pickles
Yes, get some olives too
Okay, that’s enough, otherwise they will die from overeating

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