Диалог 25


He has a good sense of humor. It’s a lot of fun to be with him
I am a hopeless idealist. I appreciate intelligence, purity of the soul, high moral qualities
You read too much. You have to learn to deal with people in real life
Take Jack, for example. He is a hard-working person, down to earth
She has so much self-confidence
Your self-esteem is overly high
Where is your pride?
Не is a very ambitious guy
Не can’t stand it if somebody is better than him
I can’t stand you
Не can’t stand her
Do you consider ambition to be a good trait?
He is always so busy He is always in a hurry
Не is a workaholic
Не is married to his work
So, why do you complain?
Would you prefer to have a lazy-bones
You wouldn’t want to have a woman with an artistic type of mind as a wife
What’s the difference?
Big difference
Не is a slave of his ambitions
Не is so, God damn, proud of himself
Не is a nobody
Не is a very wise old man
The wisdom of the world is collected in books
I like to contemplate the blue sky
I like to dream
I like to lie down for hours and let my mind wander
How can you stand that?
My God, you are so lazy!
I am simply a calm person. It doesn’t mean I am lazy
Oh, I see
I do not envy you
Do you envy her?
No, not at all
Complicated people are always difficult
Would you rather deal with an empty-headed doll?
Opposites attract
Somebody simple-hearted and cheerful will make a good match for someone serious, calm, deeply intelligent
You may not agree, but you will still learn English
Someone stingy will get along well with someone generous
A witty guy will make a good match for a simple-minded girl
A person with an artistic mind will get along well with a person with a rational mind
She grew up in an intelligent family — a religious
And yet, she is promiscuous
All men are as stubborn as sheep
How can you love such a dummy!
I love sophisticated men
She is cool
He is a womanizer, a real Don Juan
I am so nervous!
She has a split-personality
I am looking for a woman, who is in her thirties, emotionally and financially secure
I like independent women
Dependent, demanding behavior turns off many men
She was the healthiest person I have ever seen
Maybe, you are too demanding
She is sexually oriented
She is money oriented
She is keen on music
Compassion is a womanly trait
According to Freud – aggressiveness is a sign of sexual dissatisfaction
This guy is so rude, cruel, selfish
I am upset!
I am deeply insulted!
My wife is upset every day
She is so sensitive. She gets offended by anything
Не takes everything as an insult
I am so lost in life
She was standing near the wall, shy, lost
You don’t know his temper, once he gets wild — he can kill
I must admit, when he is calm — he is an intelligent, tactful person
Не has good traits as well — let’s say -he is goal oriented, energetic, sharp
But so-o selfish
In addition to being selfish — he is stingy
My type is a calm, generous, shy guy
Such men are usually awkward
So what? Let him be awkward
You always go after womanizers

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