Диалог 5 (матрица 2)


Hey Buddy, do you have a minute?


Sure. What’s up?


This is my first week in New York and I need some information.


Can I ask you some questions?


Go ahead.


People from other country ask me so many questions.


And I don’t know the answers.


And I always try to help. It helps when they think about my tip.


My question is: Which is the highest building in town?


The Empire State Building is the highest building in town. But the highest building in the world is the Sears Tower in Chicago.


Many tourists ask me where they can find a nice hotel? Do you know any nice hotels?


Yeah. There are a lot of nice hotels in town. Some are nice than others.


But the nicest hotel is a hotel called “Garden of Eden”


I  know that it is the nicest hotel in town.


 My brother is the owner.


It is on 147th Street. Tell your customers they can go there.


Oh, I understand. Are there any funny sights in town?


The funniest building is the Flatiron Building on Broadway. I don’t know any funnier buildings.


My father says that it is the funniest building in town.


And he is a tour guide. By the way, he’s a good tour guide. The name of the tour is “Eddy’s tour”.


Here’s another question: Can you tell me the shortest way from Manhattan to JFK?


Sure I can, man. There is a shot way. But I always the longest way.


The tourists don’t know the short way and you can make more money on the long way. Do you understand?

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