Диалог 28 (матрица 2)


Do you think we’ll get in this time?


I’m tired of standing in line.


I don’t know.


But it’s a nice evening and I don’t mind this.


Do you know when the Preservation Hall was built?


No, I only know that it has been used for decades.


It has become an institution, and is said to be the place with the most traditional jazz music.


After it had been built, jazz musicians came together here to play jazz music.


Here, the more traditional jazz players finally had a place they could perform.


The traditional jazz was not only born in New Orleans, it has also been preserved here.


But that’s not the only use of the Preservation Hall.


It has become a tourist attraction.


People don’t only go there for the music.


But I do. I love jazz.


It reminds me of the good old times.


Do you remember all the famous songs…?


I do.


Which one’s your favorite?


My favorite has always been “When the Saints go marching in…”.


It has been played by the most renowned musicians.


There are thousands of versions and I love every single one.


Oh, it’s our turn!


But if you prefer to sing out here, we could save the many…

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