Диалог 7 (матрица 2)


Excuse me, can tell me where the Empire State building is?


Oh, sure. You’re not from here, are you?


No, I’m from Idaho. I’m here for the weekend only.


Oh, really?


Let me see your map.


We are here at the corner of Broadway and 47th Street.


The Empire State Building is at Fifth Avenue and 34th Street


Just walk along 47th Street this way and turn right into Fifth Avenue after two blocks.


Walk down Fifth Avenue past Public Library until reach 34th Street.


The Empire State Building is the building to your right and main entrance is on Fifth Avenue.


Great. Are there any other places I should go to?


Oh, yes. There are a lot of interesting places in New York.


The Guggenheim Museum and the Metropolitan Museum are just as interesting as the Empire State Building.


But the most interesting place for me is Ellis Island.


How do I get to Ellis Island?


Take a cab to Battery Park.


The ferry terminal is right at the end of the parking lot.


Just buy a ticket to Ellis Island there and ask for the schedule.


Do you get a good view of Manhattan from the ferry?


You do. But you get the most fascinating view of the Manhattan skyline from the Staten Island Ferry.


And the view of Miss Liberty is as fascinating as the view of Manhattan.


And it’s even better and also more spectacular at sundown.


Well, thanks a lot. I really appreciate your help.


Is that your dog? He’s cute.


Yes. His name is Woodrow.


Hi, Woodrow, you’re a good dog.


Thanks, again.


You’re very welcome.




Bye now. Enjoy New York!

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