Диалог 27


I would like to invite you to a birthday party
Oh, what a surprise! Whose birthday is it?
It’s my birthday. I am going to turn 40 years old
It’s my son’s birthday. He is going to turn 21
Oh, congratulations! You look so young!
I will look forward to seeing you
Take care
What are you doing this evening?
What are you doing this weekend?
Nothing special, why?
Would you like to go to a party?
— a movie?
— a restaurant?
That’s a good idea!
Are you ready or not, God damn it?
Hi, how are you? Hi, I am fine, and how are you?
Happy birthday!
Who is coming tonight?
We are expecting a few more friends
They are going to arrive shortly
Here they are!
Where can I hang my coat?
Let me help you
You don’t have to take your shoes off
Can I keep my shoes on?
You look so beautiful today!
Oh, what a wonderful table!
— spread (разг.)
Did you cook everything yourself?
No, my friend Norma helped me
All the food looks so delicious
Okay, we can all sit down now
Vladimir, you sit next to Lena, and I will sit here, facing you
Please, help yourself!
Could you pass me some bread?
— that dish, please?
What would you like to drink? What are you drinking?
Let me fix you a drink
You are pouring too much. I will get drunk
Enjoy your meal!
I am not feeling well. I think I have drunk too much
Excuse me, let me pass through
Are you okay?
Let me get you some water
How do you like the wine?
— your drink?
— the food?
Oh, my God, you stained your suit!
— dress
Be careful, it’s dirty there
Let’s dance
Can I invite you for a dance?
Would you like to dance?
I can’t dance to this music
I am not in the mood to dance
I am too old to dance
Oh, yes, I would love to dance
That’s a good idea!
You dance so well!
You are flattering me
No, really, I mean it86

Get off my chest!
You annoy me, You are drunk
Let’s sing some songs
Where is the guitar?
Lena, would you sing something for us?
Are you leaving already?
I have to be up early tomorrow
Can I take you home?
No, thanks, I came here by car
Oh, yes, that would be nice
Who is taking you home?
Could you give me a lift?
Sure, why not?
It is so nice of you
Thank you for everything. It was a great evening
We had lots of fun
Let’s tell some jokes
I am getting high

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