Диалог 4 (матрица 2)


I don’t have much time. Can we talk about Jerry’s surprise birthday party?


Yes, I have my note here. This is the information that I  have so far…


A total of twenty people are on the list. Fifteen people are coming to the party.


The other five are sad to miss the surprise, but they can’t make it.


What about Jerry’s aunt? The one who is always sick?


Aunt Mildred? She is usually sleepy not sick.


Right, but you know who I’m talking about.


No, she can’t cone. She is staying Phoenix.


Her daughter Kate is coming and bringing a friend.


Jerry’s aunt Maria won’t be there.


But her husband is coming anyway.


What about Jerry’s brother and his sisters?


Jerry’s brother David is coming.


He was very happy to get the invitation. He and his wife are driving from Tucson.


Jerry’s sisters are calling tonight to give me an answer.


What about…


Hold on, I’m making a note about the sisters.


Sorry. So who else is coming?


Five of Jerry’s friend are joining us. They are all bringing food.


Great! That means less work for us.


I apologize, but I have to go now. I have a meeting.


Call me tonight so that we can finish planning everything.

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