Диалог 34 (матрица 2)


Hi. Nice board. Are you going out?


Yes, I am. I’m going to show my friends how to windsurf.


The wind is pretty nasty. Do you think you’ll manage?


Oh, I don’t mind strong winds. I’m an experienced windsurfer.


I actually love nasty winds.


I’ve been to places where the wind and the waves were a lot nastier than here.


Well, have fun!


Thanks. See you later.


Who’s that guy in the black suit?


He doesn’t seem to be very successful.


It’s taken him ten minutes to get on his board and pull the sail out of the water.


I think he’s having problems with the wind.


I told him that the wind was pretty nasty. But he didn’t care.


He said he was an experienced windsurfer.


And he said he was going to show his friends how to windsurf.


Oh, no, he almost crashed into that other guy.


He certainly doesn’t look like an experienced windsurfer!


At least he said that he had been to places where the winds and the waves had been a lot nastier than here.


OOPS! That wave just blew him off the board again!


I can’t believe it. The wind is perfect and the waves are great.


He said he didn’t mind strong winds, he actually loved them.


But he can hardly stay on the board.


Maybe he learned windsurfing in a swimming pool.


Well, he seems to be a Mr. Bigmouth.


I just talked to the life guard.


He’s expecting a storm within the next hour.


Let’s put our equipment in the car.


Let’s hurry! I can’t wait to see Mr. Bigmouth manages the storm!

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