Диалог 24 (матрица 2)


Do you know anything about Al Capone and Prohibition?


Well, when you live in the Second City you learn about Al Capone and his gang in school.


Tell me more about him.


He seems to have been the boss in town.


Al Capone lived from 1899 until 1947.


He became famous during Prohibition.


When the police finally caught him he had been illegally selling liquor for years.


But he probably didn’t just sell liquor. Did he?


No, you’re right.


His gang had been fighting another gang in town for years until the Valentine’s Day Massacre happened in 1929.


They killed many people.


This must be the car he had been driving before the police arrested him.


What was so spectacular about the liquor?


The law didn’t allow people to sell or drink liquor.


It was hard to get liquor.


But there were certain places where you could get some.


And insiders knew where those places were.


How long did it take the police to arrest him?


When the police finally arrested him he had been hiding from them for years. He had always escaped.


But they finally caught him red-handed.


The people must have hated him.


Oh, no, the people from Chicago didn’t really hate Scarface.


Can you imagine going into a bar on a Saturday night and not being allowed to have a drink?

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