Диалог 32 (матрица 2)


All right, guys, this is what you have to do.


You make sure the plants are cut the right way.


You know, if it hadn’t rained that much in the spring we wouldn’t have had to prune the grapevines that early.


But with all the moisture, the plants grow a lot faster.


Why do the grapevines have to be pruned so carefully?


If the grapevines are pruned, the limited number of grapes gets more water and more nourishment.


If the grapevines are not pruned, you get more grapes, but the grapes are not as good.


So the quality of the grapes is crucial?


Yes, and unless it rains too much, we’ll have a good yield this year.


But if it rains much more, the soil will be saturated and the grapes will start to rot.


That means that they need an exact amount of water: not too much and not too little.


Exactly. Last year we would have lost all the grapes if the rain hadn’t stopped in time.


It was close.


Provided that there’s enough but not too much rain, will the wine then automatically be good?


Oh, no. It takes much more than that to make a good wine.


The vinification is the most important part of the wine making.


But the time of the harvest and the storage of the wine are important, too, as well as the use of pesticides.


So that’s what’s in the tank?


What did you think?


We don’t run around and catch the bugs with our hands.


It’s hard enough to apply this stuff to the grapevines.


Fortunately, somebody invented these small tractors.


Let’s go boys!


This looks like a good wine year for California!

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