Диалог 8 (матрица 2)


Hi, Prakash, how are you today?


Hey, Dennis, do you need a snack?


Oh, boy, what a day! I need a coke and a pretzel and a hot dog.


Sure. Is this a busy day for you?


Yeah. Today is worse than all the other days this week.


Everybody wants to talk with me.


There’s so much work in the office and even more at home.


Why at home? Do you also work at home?


No, but the house of my parents-in-law needs some renovation.


And they expect us to help them.


Oh, I know. It’s terrible when you can’t decide what’s worse: work in the office or work at home.


I’m not very talented when it comes to these things.


I think office work is better.


Do you have any ketchup?


Sure. It’s… it’s right behind the soda.


Where? Oh, here it is.


It’s in front of the mustard.


Shall I put the pretzel into a paper bag?


No, just give me a napkin.


Do you want relish on your hot dog?


Or do you want it on the side?


No, thanks. Would you also give me a straw for the soda?


Yeah. How’s your wife by the way?


Tell her hello.


Yes, sir. What do I owe you?


Four dollars.


Here you do. Have a good one!


Bye now!

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