Диалог 29 (матрица 2)


Pat O’Brain’s is a local hot spot.


Hey, will the Hurricane be your beverage of choice tonight?


Just like always! I have already ordered.


Here is your order. Let me know if you need anything else.


Thank you.


That is your favorite drink, isn’t it?


Yes! And soon it will be made the most popular drink in town by loyal customers like myself.


I can see it now. Great distances will be traveled by people who want to try it.


Oh, really? Are you certain of this?


The Hurricane is great. In no time flat, it will be made famous.


And this small, local bar will be transformed into a popular tourist attraction.


Before you know it, O’Brain’s will be overrun by tourists who read about it in their guide books.


The place will always be filled with happy Hurricane drinkers.


Exactly! Hurricanes will be known everywhere.


And the competition will be forced out of business!


Then we will never be able to get a table when we want one.


And the prices will be pushed higher than ever before.


Yeah, but look at the positive side. Amazing drinks will be created and made available for your nightly enjoyment!


Sweet or sour, garnished with pineapple or cherries, Pat O’Brain’s drinks will keep customers coming back again and again!

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