Диалог 15 (матрица 2)


Hey, Lucy, do you know how these cars work?


It’s not an automatic car, it’s a standard.



I’ve never driven a standard.


No, dear, I don’t know how it works. I’ve never driven one myself.


But there are some instructions on the steering wheel.


OK, turn the ignition key, shift into the lowest gear and go!



Hooray! It works!


Drive slowly, Liz, I don’t want to crash into another car!



Oh, Liz, please stop, the golf clubs are about to fall out.



Have you stowed them properly?


I don’t want to lose them.


We need all the golf clubs to win.


I don’t think that we have a chance anyway.


I know, it’s ladies’ day but there are so many young women who play golf so ambitiously.



And they play several times a week.


But we’ve played golf for so many years ourselves.


We have much more experience.


Experience mostly beats age! Don’t worry.


All right, Lucy, you have to stroke this one very carefully.



We’re way behind anyway and this is our last chance.


I’ve played brilliantly so far, but don’t put pressure on me.


I have to concentrate on this stroke.


And you can easily distract me.


Come on, you can do it!


OOPS! Where did the ball go?


Certainly not where you intended it to go!


I’m afraid that was it.


Oh, shoot! We definitely didn’t win this round.


Maybe next year… The young women grow older, too.

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