Диалог 28


H:   OK. Let’s arrange the next meeting. How about Monday the eighth in the afternoon?


C:    Yeah. That’s good for me.

H:    Adam?

A:    Um, Monday the eighth? No, sorry, Harry, I can’t.

        I’m meeting my bank manager at two thirty.

H:    Right. What about Thursday the eleventh?

C:    In the morning?

H:    Yes.

C:     I’m free.

A:     No, sorry, I can’t do Thursday. I’m going to Liverpool.

H:     Right. Friday the twelfth?

C:     Yep.

A:     No… I’ve got two appointments on the twelfth.

H:     The fifteenth? Lunchtime?

A:     No, sorry. I’m seeing my girlfriend then.

H:     Can’t you change it?

A:     It’s her birthday. I’m taking her to lunch.

H:     Well, we can’t wait too long. When’s good for you, Adam?

A:     Tomorrow? Ten o’clock?

H:      Fine for me.

C:      Sorry. I’m … No, no. It doesn’t matter. I can change it.

H:      Great. Let’s meet at ten.

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