Диалог 19


— So, do you think it makes any difference…

where you’re born in the family?

— Definitely, I think the first born children

always have a harder time than the others.

Parents have a lot more rules then… and

expect so much more…

— I totally disagree. In my family, and in

others I know, the parents were really careful

to treat all the kids the same. You can’t be a

very good parent if you treat all the children


— No, that’s not true at all. You can be an

excellent parent but once you’ve been through

the experience of having one… well, things

change… you will be different… approach

things differently.

— That’s probably true… so, maybe parents

get better and better… the more children they


— I think there’s some truth in that… well

that’s certainly what my oldest sister says!

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