Диалог 13 (матрица 2)


Ernesto, buddy, give me another beer.


Sure, man.


Ernesto? Why do they call you Ernesto?


Oh, you haven’t yet heard the story?


Which story?


You know, I have been a bartender in this bar for almost 10 years now.


And it has become a common thing that people look at me and take pictures of me.


At first, I wondered why. Until, I asked somebody.


What is the secret?


It has turned out that I had a famous twin brother. I’m sure that you know him.


Who’s that?


Well, he has earned world-wide fame through his books.


He also lived in Key West for quite a while.


Oh, now I understand. You mean Hemingway.


Have you read his books?


No, I’ve heard that they’re OK but I don’t care for books myself.


However, I’ve come to like him because his books and his looks have brought me cash.


How is that?


I have studied his life just a little bit and I’ve learned to make myself look like him.


Now I mix the famous Hemingway daiquiri and tell people about “my” life.


And it works – they like it and they come back.


Cool. I could use that in my business.


Who do I look like?


H-m-m, let’s see, maybe Bud Spencer…?

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