Диалог 21 (матрица 2)


Oh, this is fun! I’ve won again.


It’s unbelievable. You’re a lucky one.


What are you going to do with all the money you won yesterday and today?


I’m going to buy a new car.


My car is old and rusty.


And then I’m going to travel to Australia.


I’ve already bought the ticket.


What are you going to do in Australia?


I don’t know yet.


I’ll probably go scuba diving or hiking or maybe both.


Now that I have the money…


How much longer are you going to be in Las Vegas?


Another two days.


I’m leaving for Australia on Monday.


Did you know that they’re having a special here tomorrow?


They’re going to double the money you win.


I hope I’ll see you here tomorrow?


I don’t know.


I probably won’t gamble anymore.


I don’t want to lose all the money again.


Oh, come on! Just a few games.


You won’t lose all the money in one or two hours.


It’ll be nice to see you again before you leave.


All right. I’ll see you tomorrow then.


Is she going to come again tomorrow?


Yes, I convinced her to come again.


I hope we’ll get some of the money back…

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