Диалог 33 (матрица 2)


My guide book gave us good directions! We got here right on time.


It’s good that you brought that book along. It has really helped us.


What does the guide book say about the actual show?


The book says that this is one of the most popular hula shows in all of Hawaii.


Well then, let’s go find our seats. I want to be able to see what’s going on.


You go ahead. I want to look at some of those stands over there. They must be selling some interesting things. Look at all the people.


I really hope that I have chosen the best necklaces.


The guide book says that coral jewelry can be found in many places in Hawaii.


Now we can look for our seats. That sign says we need to go in this direction.


And look, the ladies are just ahead of us looking for the right row.


It feels good to sit down after such a long day.


Look at the stage. It’s starting. What does the word “Hawaii” mean anyway?


Well, my book says that “Hawaii” is a Polynesian word meaning “homeland”.


And those beautiful, colorful dresses are called “holokus”. Aren’t they pretty?




They were first used here on the islands in the 1800’s.


Now interesting! The book says that the dresses were introduced by missionaries from New England.


The book also notes that hula was originally a religious dance form.


And then it says that hand motions are used in contemporary hula to tell stories about the islands.


Those skirts are more traditional according to the book. They are short and made of grass.


Excuse me, please quit talking!


Come on! Before you get us in trouble, let’s go dance.


This is fun! How do I look?


Just great, honey.

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