Диалог 22 (матрица 2)


Hi, Truman, good to see you!


Ramona! How are you doing?


Where are you going?


On your way to LA?


No, this time I’m driving down to San Diego.


I’ve got a load of frozen chicken for them down there.


Do you have any time for a coffee, gal?


No, I’m leaving in a couple of minutes.


They’re just checking my tires.


As soon as they’re done I’m out of here.


I’m on my way to San Francisco.


Are you driving up Route 99?


No, I heard there’s an accident between Bakersfield and Delano.


The police have closed the whole road in both directions.


Which road are you taking?


I don’t know yet. It depends on the traffic.


It’s Memorial Day Weekend and it seems that the whole world is on the road.


Yeah, I’ve noticed that.


But I’m not driving the whole way today.


I’ve decided to stay in Barstow overnight.


My sister lives there and I haven’t seen her for 3 years.


I have to get my stuff to San Diego today.


And I’m picking up another load tomorrow.


You’re pretty busy.


Well, see you later and good luck for your trip.

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