Диалог 30 (матрица 2)


Oh no, there’s a long line.


Do you think we’ll get a seat?


If we don’t get one, we’ll have to walk.


We just made it. It feels good to sit.


We’ve been running around all day.


What else do we need for our hike on the weekend?


Let’s see. We’ll need a cap and rain wear if it rains.


If the sun’s out, we’ll probably need insect repellent.


Insect repellent?


Patty, are you saying that there are going to be mosquitoes?


I don’t want to go there if there’s one single mosquito on that trail!


Oh, Ken, come on, that’s ridiculous!


Do you want to stay at home just because there’s a chance of one or two mosquito bites?


Sure. How can I enjoy a hike if I have to defend myself against mosquitoes all the time?


I’ll tell you what: I’ve hiked at the El Capitan every year for the last 5 years.


And I’m still alive.


The mosquitoes are not going to eat you.


Are you sure you don’t want to go?


The last time you said there weren’t any mosquitoes I was covered with bites when we got home.


And each time you had a different excuse.


What will be your excuse this time?


No more excuses.


I’ll buy you a beer if you come home with more than 5 bites. Okay?


Besides, if you’ll wear these new sunglasses the mosquitoes won’t see you anyway!


You mean like this? They’re cool, aren’t they?

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