Диалог 9 (матрица 2)


Hi, Malcolm, how was your day?


Oh, it was pretty boring.


Just a couple of families and a group of 15 school kids.


But those kids were unbelievable!


They asked me for one cup of soda after the other.


Each kid managed to drink more soda than all the other people together.


Wow! That’s more than I drink in one year!


But I could use a cup right now!


How was your weekend?


Oh, it was fun! My wife and I rented an RV and we stayed at the beach for two days.


The weather was not so good.


But we enjoyed the beach just the same. What did you do?


We stayed in town. My parents were here from Louisiana.


And, believe it or not, my Dad wanted to tour Coca-Cola.


So, I showed him around on Saturday.


Must be nice to work on Saturdays!


And, did he like it?


Year. He liked it.


He especially loved the free soda.


Of course.


Say, do you want to play squash tonight?


Yes. Sounds great.


I feel a little rusty.


Usually, I play squash every week.


But last week I was sick.


I only played two weeks ago.


What’s a good time for you?


Hmm. How about seven thirty?


That’s fine with me! Let’s meet at the courts.


All right. See you then.


See you!

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