Диалог 36 (матрица 2)


What are your plans?


We have the possibility to build a new life together here in New England.


You can make me your husband in three months and have three children, one next year in 1621, one in 1623 and one in 1625.


Adam, I am your wife and we’re in the 1990’s and I’m talking to you seriously.


What plans do you have concerning jobs?


I am thinking about developing the ship-building industry in Plymouth with a group of friends.


These are hard times but we are making sacrifices.


What are you talking about?


We are putting our heads together to get ideas and not to make the same mistakes as in England.


William is planning to do something in textiles and I want to build modern ships like the Mayflower.


You’re not giving me a straight answer.


What’s wrong? Now we’re living on this side of the Atlantic, we are starting to organize our new life.


I’m tried, I want to sit down, and I’m not in the mood listen to this.


I just want to know when you’re changing jobs.


I want to have a job where I’m miles away from you, that’s all.


Ha, ha. Make an effort to please me today for once.


It’s our special day and we’re having dinner somewhere nice tonight, so phone Madeleine to ask her to babysit for us tonight.


  1. Steve is coming with us. He’s really nice.


What?! This is our romantic evening, just the two of us!


All good things are three!

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