Диалог 22


— I’ve just come from a meeting with the new consultant

and he said that if we were outsourcing to them, we

would have to have complete confidence.

— What does that mean exactly?

— Well, they need access to every type of information we

have, and he suggested co-operating fully with their

team. So, I told him we would.

— So they can tell us how to do our job!

— Look, the bottom line is the CEO wants us to give them

our full co-operation and I recommend not judging the

outcome just yet. And the consultant pointed out that

they may make improvements around here.

— Or ruin us completely with their fees!

— Look, the CEO told us at a meeting last week that he

would be giving promotions on the basis of their

evaluation of each department. What he wants us to do

is work with them, not against them — so let’s do it!

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