Диалог 1 (матрица 2)


Here are the drinks, guys. Enjoy!


Thank you!


Hi, Melissa! Hi, Greg! How are you?


Hi, Jimmy! We are fine, how about you?


I am great. This is my girlfriend, Luisa.


Hello! Nice to meet you!


Nice to meet you, too! Where are you from?


I am from Montana.


Oh, Montana is beautiful!


Where are Carey and Mike?


Carey is at home. She is sick. She is in bed.


And Mike is the workaholic. He is in the office.


Crazy. What would you like?


I’d like an orange juice.


And a margarita for me, please.




What is that?


It is salsa. And here are the chips.


Oh, wonderful, I love chips and salsa!


I am so hungry. Are you hungry?


Yes. I am ready for a steak or hamburger.


The steaks and burger are ready, folks!

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