Диалог 27 (матрица 2)


Hey, Zac, the boat looks great now.


Yeah, Bob, they did a great job.


It was painted and repaired last week.


The decks were cleaned.


They hadn’t seen any soap for years.


But now it’s ready for the summer season.


Yeah. It’s a pleasure to look at the boat now.


Did you hear that a new member of the crew was hired yesterday?


Who is he?


Do I know him?


I don’t think so.


He worked on the Delta Queen before he was hired by our boss.


I don’t know him myself.


But I was told that he’s a nice guy.


That’s good.


We definitely need another hand on board.


Is the trip sold out today?


I’m not sure but I think so.


Most of the tickets were sold to a group of Japanese.


All right. We’ll take the scenic route then.


So that they can take as many pictures as they want to.


Was the souvenir store stocked up with the miniature boats?


I’ll check that.


Is there anything else we need for today’s trip?


Do we have a translator on board?


The only Japanese words I know are: “hai, arigato”.


That’s probably not enough.

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